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Floral Interventions

New for Fruit Focus 2019

Can we utilise so-called ‘Floral Interventions’ to divert rainwater run-off into plant growth and groundwater through improved soil structure and stability? A new study at NIAB EMR is looking at a range of native plant species that have been sown to look at the beneficial effects they can have around polytunnels.

Can deep rooted wild flower species help reduce soil erosion? Will flowering weeds help improve fruit quality by attracting other pollinators? Would additional hoverflies and ladybirds be attracted in to the crop by the presence of wild flower species nearby?

Whilst the WET Centre is leading the march towards the adoption of world-leading technologies, including rainwater harvesting, and reducing water use, can we take additional steps to improve crop productivity through the deployment of wild flowers?

Michelle Fountain will be taking growers through the early establishment of this novel project which really could have a win-win output!