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NP Seymour

Driverless tractorN P Seymour will be exhibiting a range of machinery for fruit and vine growers again this year including the new "Revolution" from AgroFrost. A completely new and patented burner significantly redeuces gas consumption and increases the working time by several hours. Available with either top or lower air outlets to suit a range of crops from soft fruit to vineyards. 

Once again, the Fendt driverless tractor will be demonstrating on site. This fully autonomous tractor works on a ‘Teach and Playback’ system where you can record a task as you carry out and it remembers every movement and operation and then it can be replayed time and time again. 

In addition to these will be the Fendt narrow tractor, designed specifically for the fruit and vine industry; the Braun Rollhacke finger weeder which disturbs and lifts weeds and breaks down clumps of soil as well as \ Berthoud Fructair sprayer and a BMV vine trimmer and a Bullion flail mower.

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Packhouse Hygiene

Ozo Innivations

EloCobeOzo Innovations (Ozo) announces the application of eloclear by fogging to improve packhouse hygiene.  Packhouse hygiene underpins the shelf life of fresh produce and reduces contamination risks that can impact food safety.  Fogging is a simple, fast and effective method of disinfection that uses small amounts of eloclear to sanitise very large spaces.

Ozo Innovations has worked with a number of fresh produce packing companies to evaluate the impact of fogging in a range of environments, including cold stores.  Leaf packers reported that they achieved a noticeable reduction of microbes on the walls of cold stores following a single treatment.  Making eloclear fogging a regular part of the hygiene process will reduce the presence of spoilage organisms that can contaminate produce during packing.

Fresh produce suppliers can manufacture eloclear on site with the simple to use system, elocube. Ozo’s elocube platform – the size of a small fridge - transforms food grade salt and cold water into the powerful cleaner and terminal disinfectant. eloclear works killing bacteria, viruses, yeast and mould.

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New launches - Pest Control



Biotechnology company, Bionema will be officially launching its unique new UK nematode pest control product, which boasts 20% more efficiency and up to 95% kill rates.

The key message to leading commercial fruit growers at the showcase event is that natural pest control makes even more sense now, as traditional pesticides are losing their efficiency - and many are being delisted. There are three specific products for the control of vine weevil and western flower thrips which are particularly relevant to soft fruit growers:

  • NemaTrident® H
  • NemaTrident® CT
  • NemaTrident® F 

The NemaTrident® range comprises different species of naturally occurring, beneficial entomopathogenic nematodes within the Heterorhabditis and Steinernema genera.

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Fargro will be launching a new bioinsecticide, FLiPPER, a physical-acting bioinsecticide that provides broad spectrum control of insects and mite pests on protected crops of tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries.

Leaf-sucking pests cause damage to fruit crops by feeding on the plants and depriving them of nutrients. They often inflict secondary damage through the secretion of honeydew, which can cause black sooty mould to develop. FLiPPER not only protects crops from a wide range of leaf-sucking pests, but its unique leaf-washing action also prevents honeydews and sooty moulds from spreading to the fruit.

FLiPPER is compatible with beneficial insects and pollinators so can be used in an IPM programme that features biological controls. It doesn't leave any chemical residues on the plant, so there is no harvest interval, and it targets all insect life stages: from eggs, through to larvae and mature adult pests. Results are usually seen 24 hours after treatment, but repeat applications might be necessary to tackle all life stages.

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New Launches - Crop protection


BayerNew this year from Bayer will be two new crop protection products. For soft fruit growers there is fungicide Luna Sensation, and apple growers have emergency access to insecticide Movento Top. 

Luna Sensation sets the new standard for powdery mildew and Botrytis management in protected strawberries. It is a co-formulation of new generation SDHI active fluopyram and the strobilurin trifloxystrobin providing built-in resistance management and a one-day harvest interval. 

Movento – the 150 g/L OD formulation of spirotetramat – has transformed sucking pest control in vegetable crops, with its unique two-way systemicity and mode of action inhibiting lipid biosynthesis.

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BotanicoirBotanicoir will be launching a  ground-breaking new product, that’s set to be a game-changer in the soft-fruit industry.

Taking the use of coir substrates to the next level, its capable of rapid hydration, has optimum air-filled porosity, a superior structure, and offers excellent drainage capacity and ease of steering.

Visit their stand (302) at 12:00pm, for an exclusive unveiling of the new innovative product with a short presentation from Kalum Balasuriya, Botanicoir managing director.

Also speaking will be Paul Bennett, technical head for the Agrovista UK fruit team, and Sandy Booth, managing director of the New Forest Fruit Company, who has been trialling the product, and will report on the success he’s had with it. 

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Engage Agro

Engage-AgroThe Bio-Chel Platform has been hugely successful for the Engage Group of companies for many years and has evolved into a leading chelation technology across the world. The platform focuses on utilising unique organic chelation to provide fruit growers with highly effective chelates of high metal content which are cost effective.

The Bio-Chel platform was always designed to evolve with further technological advancements and the first of these saw the range expanded with a calcium chelate in 2015, Bio-Chel Ca 22%, and this summer will see a new super soluble granular iron added to the range which will be launched Fruit Focus in the UK and at the Glas show in Ireland.

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MicronMicron Group will showcase its Enviro range of shrouded sprayers for weed control in fruit and vines. Visitors to the stand will also be able to see the hydraulically powered Turbofan spray head for foliar treatments.

The Micron Enviro series of sprayers, now available in high pressure nozzle and CDA atomiser versions, incorporate a fully shielded design to fully minimise the risk of spray drift. The Undavina and Spraydome models on display feature a freely rotating shield and spring loaded breakaway arm that allows users to spray right up to the base of the tree or bush without causing mechanical damage to the target resulting in excellent spray results. Available in various sizes to suit different applications, Micron Enviro sprayers can be ATV, UTV or tractor mounted.

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Soil and Data

Delta-T Devices

Delta-T Delta-T Devices will have a variety of products on their stand to assist with monitoring soil. The new SM150T Sensor is ideal for measuring moisture content and temperature in soils and substrates. It has a wide range of applications across horticulture and agriculture, and is a reliable and cost-effective sensor for system integrators, who appreciate its ease of installation and simple interface (0 – 1 V DC output).

Recently partnered with with Netafim UK Ltd, they will be on hand to provide a complete precision irrigation package (with cloud data management) for commercial growers in the UK.

The package will be supplied by Netafim UK, the market leading provider of irrigation solutions in the country, through its main dealer network. It can automatically control irrigation and monitor growing conditions. It will include Delta-T's SM150T Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor alongside their advanced GP2 Data Logger and Controller. Data can be remotely monitored and shared on mobile or desktop devices via Delta T's free online DeltaLINK-Cloud service.  

Also on their stand will be the WET sensor which enables growers to measure three vital substrate properties: water content, pore water electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature. Fast, accurate and easy to use, the WET Sensor is used by growers to take hundreds of substrate readings each day to guide fertigation decisions, helping to establish and maintain optimal growing conditions.

The WET Sensor is normally ordered as a complete kit - which includes a WET Sensor, an HH2 Readout Unit and a handy carry case. The HH2 gives an immediate display of each reading, and also stores readings in memory, which can be downloaded to PC for analysis. 


James Hutton Ltd

James HuttonJames Hutton Limited will be providing visitors the opportunity to taste their newest raspberry varieties to be released from their Raspberry Breeding Consortium, all bred at the James Hutton Institute, near Dundee.

Glen Dee is the newest floricane raspberry variety from James Hutton Limited breeders; a perfect match for the needs of growers, retailers and consumers.  The berry is a large fruit, with a creamy, custard texture, vanilla notes and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.  The shelf life is superb and it maintains a uniform appearance and firmness after cold storage.  It’s a spine free, upright variety which bridges the gap between mid-season and early autumn fruit.

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AHDBAHDB will be discussing their three-year long research project or western flower thrips (WFT) which can cause major damage to strawberry crops and how new ways to tackle the pest can be used. 

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Field monitoring and packaging solutions

Davis EnviroMonitor

Davis EnviroMonitorThe Davis EnviroMonitor system is an affordable, flexible, rugged solution that delivers the data needed to manage key elements that keep crops healthy, yields high, and money in growers’ pockets.

EnviroMonitor delivers actionable intelligence by measuring, monitoring and managing critical in-field data from remote locations through a network of sensors. Get the timely and meaningful information, to make critical crop decisions.

Growers can connect any of a growing selection of top-tier Davis Instruments and third-party sensors, including soil moisture, soil temperature, rainfall, soil salinity, air temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, as well as pressure sensors and switches, flow meters, and water level indicators.

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AJAAJA presents their new C80 ‘High Speed’ Pre Seal – Pre Punneted Produce Average ‘e’ Weight Checkweigher and Re-Work weigh station.

Increasingly produce packers are looking to increase line speeds upwards to 140ppm while at the same time significantly reducing manning levels. Weighing and adjusting every single pre filled punnet whether direct from the field or pre packed by overseas suppliers is simply no longer viable. With ever increasing minimum wage costs Packers need to automate and increase productivity to maintain profitability while at the same time maintaining overfill control with Average ‘e’ or Nett Minimum weight software solutions

Aja’s high speed pre-seal checkweigher and re work station can meet these demands.

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