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Press Briefings

Press briefings for 2017

  Exhibitor   Time   Location      Speaker      Notes
  Berry Gardens   8.30am   Stand 358 - marquee


  Alistair Brooks, Chairman
  Jacqui Green, CEO
  Nick Marton, MD


  Speaking on the season to date, new innovations and any news. It will be Nick Marton's unofficial farewell as he is stepping down.
  AHDB   9.30am   Stand 28


  Chantelle Jay, NIAB EMR Research emtomologist - talking about the research project
  James Holmes, AHDB - talking about RB209


  Promote western flower thrips trial and promote a new fertiliser guide RB209
  Bionema  10.30am   Stand 515


  Dr Minshad Ansari


  New product launch
  Fargro  11.00am   Stand 246




  Speaking about Flipper product
  Defra  11.30am   


  George Eustice


  Opportunity for press interviews
  NIAB EMR  12.00pm   


  Dr Negel Kerby, Chairman, NIAB EMR
  Prof. Mario Caccamo, MD, NIAB EMR
  Henry Leveson-Gower, Head of Abstraction Policy, DEFRA


  WET Centre opening
  Botanicoir  12-12.30pm   Stand 302


  Kalum Balasuriya, MD, Botanicoir


  New product launch