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  • Labour availability and changing weather patterns pose considerable challenges to fruit and vine growers, but armed with the latest varieties, technology and advice there is a bright future ahead.

    • ·  UK launch of T4 FNV specialist tractors at Fruit Focus 2017
    • ·  Unique Blue Cab 4™ system offers highest level of operator protection from dust, aerosols and vapours
    • ·  Powerful hydraulics and front and rear linkage options provide ultimate in versatility
  • Greater flexibility with the new 1 metre Fragola substrate trough for strawberries Take up the challenge and make strawberry growing even more flexible by producing more plants per metre in the new, 1 metre Fragola substrate trough. Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (Packaging) now introduces this new size trough, building on the success of the Fragola types 7305 and 7306 which were launched last year.
  • Russell IPM will be promoting its award-winning sticky roller traps infused with the Western Flower Thrips aggregation pheromone.
  • Formed in 1964, Hadley Group is the UK’s largest cold rolled steel manufacturer. Based in and around Smethwick in the West Midlands, we operate from four UK sites as well as overseas facilities in Netherlands, Turkey, U.A.E and Thailand.

    We are a privately owned company and employ over 600 people worldwide with a turnover of more than £127million.  We have sought to be at the forefront of advancing the techniques and technologies of cold rollforming, employing over 60 people within our in-house Group Technology Academy, the largest of its kind in the UK.

  • Find Kirkland UK exhibiting at this year’s Fruit Focus with the award winning, Antonio Carraro tractor!

  • The two organisations within the UK wine industry, United Kingdom Vineyards Association and English Wine Producers, have today voted to merge to become one single industry body. The legal name of the new body will be United Kingdom Wine Producers (UKWP).
  • N P Seymour are pleased to be exhibiting a range of machinery for fruit and vine growers again this year.

    This year AgroFrost have introduced the new ‘Revolution’ static frost protection machine to their portfolio and we will be showing this machine. The ‘Revolution’ is smaller, lighter and more economical than the previous ‘Frostguard’ range. A completely new and patented burner significantly redeuces gas consumption and increases the working time by several hours. Available with either top or lower air outlets to suit a range of crops from soft fruit to vineyards. An optional Auto Start System will make the machine fully automatic. We are also thrilled to have Patrik Stynen from AgroFrost joining us for the day; he is very knowledgeable about frost and the complexities so worth a chat!

  • Delivering optimum productivity and efficiency in fruit production is as reliant on having the right equipment as it is on adopting the best husbandry practices. With farming becoming increasingly mechanised, the future of growing fruit lies in the latest technology and machinery.

  • Controlling contamination minimises waste and maximises product quality

    Ozo Innovations (Ozo) announces the application of eloclear by fogging to improve packhouse hygiene.  Packhouse hygiene underpins the shelf life of fresh produce and reduces contamination risks that can impact food safety.  Fogging is a simple, fast and effective method of disinfection that uses small amounts of eloclear to sanitise very large spaces.

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