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18 Jul 2018

Aquaplast at Fruit Focus 2018


Tefen MixRite and TreatRite

As the solution is now at a low concentration, the Tefen MixRite Proportional Dosing unit can draw upon the solution to pre-treat your water supply and adjust the pH of the water to the desired level. The MixRite units can suit flow rates on your system from between 1m'/hr through to 25m'/hr and the TreatRite unit can be adjusted to suit flow rates of up to 100m'/hr.

Gavish Feed Rig

Accurate dosing is critical to growing success. Alongside our industry leading drippers and drip systems, the Aquaplast feed rigs are renowned for applying the right amount at the right time. By feeding a plant with its specific, ever changing, needs it gives the farmer a precise level of control over the growing environment.

The Aquaplast range of feeding rigs is comprehensive and covers a wide range of needs and budgets. We utilise years of experience and know-how to offer a specifically UK packaged portfolio covering four varying types of injection ' wrap around, by-pass, in-line and mix tank.