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Bionema launches its Tri-Component System for the control of black vine weevil and western flower thrips in soft fruits

04-Jul-2018 by: Bionema

Swansea University based biotech company Bionema will launch its unique Tri-Component System, a nematode based pest control product, at this year's 'Fruit Focus' in Kent in July. This novel system demonstrates a 20-30% higher efficacy than traditional nematode based products, with a kill rate of up to 95%.

The NemaTrident™ Tri-Component System incorporates a range of highly virulent insect-parasitic nematodes from both the Heterorhabditis and Steinernema genera. These nematodes instinctively attack and destroy the larvae and pupae of the insect pest thus preventing increasing numbers of pests from developing. They are safe, non-toxic to users and consumers, decompose rapidly and are be targeted at specific pests to avoid harming beneficial insects.

Bionema's key message to leading commercial fruit growers, at this showcase event, is that natural pest control is making more and more sense, as the target pests are developing resistance to traditional pesticides or the pesticides are being banned due to their negative impact on both human health and the environment.

There are two specific products for the control of black vine weevil and one product for western flower thrips which are particularly relevant to soft fruit growers:

  • NemaTrident™ H contains a naturally occurring entomopathogenic nematode for control of black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) larvae and for maximum efficacy is applied with nemaspreader™ for maximum performance. This new biological pest control product is safe, sustainable and provides 90-95% kill rates for black vine weevil larvae control, at temperatures as low as 12ºC – making it one of the most effective and versatile products currently available.
  • NemaTrident™ CT Plus is a cold tolerant product, working at temperatures as low as 8°C to combat black vine weevil with similar kill rates.
  • NemaTrident™ F for the control of western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) pupae and Leaf-miner (Chromatomyia syngenesiae, Phytomyza vitalbae). It provides from 70-90% kill rates in temperatures as low as 8°C.

"Many of the traditional chemical products, growers are all too familiar with and indeed reliant on in the past, have already been withdrawn. A high proportion of these pesticides had in any event become ineffective due to the target insect developing resistance. The restrictions in use of pesticides come as part of a programme of reducing the risk of food contamination," said Dr Minshad Ansari, Managing Director of Bionema.

Bionema’s Tri-Component system is up to 20-30% more effective than other nematode based products in the market.

In order to optimise the effectiveness of these nematodes we have incorporated them into the Bionema Tri-Component System which consists of:

  • The NemaTrident™ a specially developed, highly virulent strain of beneficial nematodes.
  • The Nemaspreader™ a specialist penetrant that helps Bionema’s beneficial nematodes to both spread and thrive.
  • Specialist training and advice for our customers on how to optimise the effectiveness of the nematodes.

"This novel package is aimed at maximising profits for growers whilst at the same time keeping down costs," said Dr Ansari, a leading expert in bio-control with more than 20 years of research experience. "We have field results proving that the product is incredibly effective, and through our training, support and full knowledge transfer to operators we can ensure the best possible results time and again."

NemaTrident is available to professional growers in both the UK and EU through dedicated distributors and direct through Bionema.

For more information; see www.bionema.com