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14 Jun 2019


Flevo Berry

A new all-round ever-bearing variety with good disease tolerance

Plant Breeders' Right assignation number: 2015/2404
Party entitled to Plant Breeders' Rights: Flevo Berry Holding

' Excellent fruit quality, also in hot periods
' Tolerant to rain damage and fruits tolerant to flower thrips
' Excellent uniformity of shape and colour
' Firm and well-formed fruits with a good taste

The name
The name Bravura is a derivative of Bravery; the quality of showing strength to face difficulty.

Bravura is the latest everbearing variety from the Flevo Berry Breeding Program. The variety has a beautiful look in the punnet. The fruit skin and fruit itself is firm and therefore suitable for longer distribution channels. The fruit shape is conical and uniform with an attractive fresh green calix. The taste is sweet with a light fresh note.

Bravura is a homogenic compact full plant with glossy large green leaves. The pollen quality is excellent from the first pick.

Plant distance of 4-5 trays/5-6 mini-trays. Does not colour after picking and holds colour on the plant and would enable a longer picking interval. The fruit are firm in texture and fairly rain fast. On gutters trusses have enough elongation and fruits pick easily, picking speed is high. Fruit size holds well even after warmer temperatures.

Starting with a drip EC of 1,3-1,4 mS/cm directly after planting is sufficient for Bravura. Higher drip EC's are often not needed as this can lead to quickly increasing drain EC's already early in the growing season, with salinification of the substrate and faster deterioration of the crop as a result. In general steering towards a drip and drain EC sum of 2.5 mS/cm is sufficient. A few remarks..
- When using well water with a certain EC then corrections should be made on the fertilizer recipe. Also, when lowering the drip EC the influence of the well water on the composition of the nutrient solution will become greater, especially when there is sodium, chloride or boron in it. Always check the composition of the starting water.
- The drip EC may not be lowered unlimited in case of an increasing drain EC, often the drain EC increases easier during the second half of the cultivation. Lowering the drip EC too much can then lead to a too low offer of nutrition to the crop (especially too low nitrates). Maintain a certain drip EC.

With Bravura yields are reached between 8-9kg per linear mtr. Labour Picking speed 27kg p/h (Delphy:2018). Have your wires lowered for truss teasing.

The vision of Flevo Berry is to develop strawberry varieties with a good taste and that can be grown with respect for people and nature. Bravura is tolerant against rain and fruits are tolerant to flower thrips. Bravura is strong against mildew.

Flevo Berry
Flevo Berry has developed the Flevo Berry Concept; a clear choice for continuity in the value chain. We offer similar berries throughout the year by working with different varieties which are specifically bred for each season. We fill in the season with early, middle and late short day varieties and everbearing varieties.