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Cocogreen invites growers to trial new O2 mix


With the widespread availability of new coir chip processing machinery in Sri Lanka, Cocogreen is extending field trials of its new Strawberry Moisture Control O2 Mix inviting growers at Fruit Focus to get involved.

“This new equipment makes it economic to produce a 5-7mm coir chip with minimal wastage,” explains Cocogreen’s Thomas Ogden, group commercial director.  “Substrates made from coir chips are already established in South African citrus and some overseas vegetable crops. However, strawberry plants are delicate and we take a measured approach, conducting extensive field trials, before launching new products/mixes onto the market.

“Cocogreen’s established Moisture Control Technology  (MCT) redistributes the wet zone throughout the substrate and set the standard in coir substrate. Further water management improvements have been achieved recently using our award winning H2Coco.  We are now looking closely to see if there are potential incremental improvements to be gained using 5-7mm coir chips and if they apply to growers operating across the UK.” 

In the past, high potassium (K) levels have been a barrier to using coir chips in strawberry crops, with substrate manufactured from husk fibres and coir pith instead. 

“With our own plantations, we utilise aged husks where the K is reduced through oxidation,” explains Thomas Ogden. “Our team is working closely with customers from Kent to Aberdeen to assess any additional potential benefits of these 5-7mm chips in relation to capillarity, drainage and crop steering.”  

Growers at Fruit Focus are being invited to sign up to trial Cocogreen’s new Strawberry Moisture Control 02 Mix, subsidised on a 1 to 2 valve area, before committing to volume. 

Commenting on the unveiling of the new UK Centre for Water Efficient Technologies (WET) by NIAB EMR at Fruit Focus today, Thomas Ogden says; “We are delighted to be an industry partner in this exciting new project. While helping to fund it, Cocogreen is also contributing the high performance coir substrates.”

As with all coir substrates, product consistency and supply remain important factors for growers to consider. 

“Sri Lanka once again experienced widespread monsoon flooding in May,” says Thomas.  “However, with the necessary investment and forward planning our coir stock levels have never been higher.”

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