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Engage Agro bolsters Bio-Chel Range with new granular Iron formulation


The Bio-Chel Platform has been hugely successful for the Engage Group of companies for many years and has evolved into a leading chelation technology across the world.

The platform focuses on utilising unique organic chelation to provide fruit growers with highly effective chelates of high metal content which are cost effective in use.

The Bio-Chel platform was always designed to evolve with further technological advancements and the first of these saw the range expanded with a calcium chelate in 2015, Bio-Chel Ca 22%, and this summer will see a new super soluble granular iron added to the range which will be launched Fruit Focus in the UK and at the Glas show in Ireland.

Bio-ChelThe new formulation focuses on the development of new granular organic chelation of iron designed to maximise chlorophyll production to increase fruit plants photosynthetic potential. This significant development creates a product specifically designed to meet the requirements of sustainably grown fruit crops grown in both soils and growing media.

The new formulation which is named Bio-Chel Fe Granular utilises a unique, organic, non-polluting chelated iron which does not produce gaseous or waste products that can pollute water or the atmosphere. The organic chelate is designed to break down faster in the rootzone (up to 80 days) and will provide 10% Fe which has the ability to be taken up by crops in higher rates.

The unique selling points of the product above its predecessor Bio-Chel Fe powder are the solubility of the new granule which completely dissolves in seconds and its ability to sit perfectly within multiple formulation tanks mixes.

Mark Horner, Commercial Director of Engage Agro Europe is very excited about the upcoming launch.

“I am so pleased that growers will finally have the chance to see this new formulation in action. I have been present at many of the trials across Europe and have been impressed with the new technologies ability to maximise the iron content of crops without the issue of damaging chelate accumulation in soils and ground water seen with EDTA and DTPA chelates”.

For more information contact Engage Agro Europe on +441257 226590 or info@engage-agro.com or see the products on show at the show dates on 20th and 21st of July 2017