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Fargro launches a new bioinsecticide that delivers results


FLiPPER is a physical-acting bioinsecticide that provides broad spectrum control of insects and mite pests on protected crops of tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries.

Leaf-sucking pests cause damage to fruit crops by feeding on the plants and depriving them of nutrients. They often inflict secondary damage through the secretion of honeydew, which can cause black sooty mould to develop. FLiPPER not only protects crops from a wide range of leaf-sucking pests, but its unique leaf-washing action also prevents honeydews and sooty moulds from spreading to the fruit.

FLiPPER tackles a broad spectrum of pests, without harming beneficial insects or pollinators*

What makes FLiPPER different from conventional insecticides is that it comes from a natural and sustainable source: it is a by-product of extra-virgin olive oil production. For growers looking to reduce their reliance on conventional pesticides, it provides an effective alternative for treating pests that commonly target cucumber, strawberry and tomato crops.

FLiPPER is compatible with beneficial insects and pollinators, so it can be used in an IPM programme that features biological controls. It also doesn't leave any chemical residues on the plant, so there is no harvest interval.

FLiPPER is an effective resistance management tool to include in your IPM programme

FLiPPER targets all insect life stages: from eggs, through to larvae and mature adult pests. Results are usually seen 24 hours after treatment, but repeat applications might be necessary to tackle all life stages.

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Read the technical notes for guidance on using the product.


*When guidelines are followed