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Have You Discovered Glen Dee?


James Hutton Limited looks forward to welcoming Fruit Focus visitors to stand 14 for tastings of the newest raspberry varieties to be released from their Raspberry Breeding Consortium, all bred at the James Hutton Institute, near Dundee.

Glen Dee is the newest floricane raspberry variety from James Hutton Limited breeders; a perfect match for the needs of growers, retailers and consumers.  The berry is a large fruit, with a creamy, custard texture, vanilla notes and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.  The shelf life is superb and it maintains a uniform appearance and firmness after cold storage.  It’s a spine free, upright variety which bridges the gap between mid-season and early autumn fruit.

Described by one grower as, “a grower’s variety”, Glen Dee is noted as giving a consistently high yield of large, heavy and firm fruit which gets the tonnes up quickly.  It comes off the plug easily, has good field tolerance to root rot and requires less input than other varieties.   Picking costs are reported to be less too - up to as much as 20% by some comparisons.  A much higher percentage of first class fruit also brings costs down and gives a higher return.

A definite variety to watch, Glen Dee is protected by Plant Variety Rights in the EU and Norway and a Plant Patent in the USA. 

A further two advanced selections will be available to sample at Fruit Focus.

0485K-1 has performed well since trials in 2012.  A great tasting berry, it has a sweet sherbet flavour and low acidity. In the previous two years benchmarking trials, 0485K-1 has scored highest amongst a number of varieties for flavour and attractive appearance.

0658E-1 is a really large fruit - almost 7g in trials. It has a really glossy appearance. Taste panel feedback is excellent with samplers enjoying the fruity flavour and elderflower notes.

A small amount of new primocane varieties might also be available to sample at the event.  Two varieties in very early trial stages are reported as bearing large fruit, having a sweet flavour with vanilla notes and high brix with low acidity.

RBC16P4 is an autumn fruit, picking in early September in 2016 breeding trials; two weeks after Polka, one after Imara.  RBC16P5 is a very early autumn fruit, picking from late July in 2016 trials, three weeks before Polka.

The Fruit Focus event team from James Hutton Limited will include Nikki Jennings (Rubus Breeder), Dr Dorota Jarret (Ribes Breeder) and Jamie Smith (Business Development Manager), who will all be happy to discuss the new varieties and all aspects of soft fruit breeding with Fruit Focus attendees.