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Meteor Systems introduces a durable raft for leafy vegetables and herbs

18-Jul-2018 by: Meteor Systems

Meteor Systems launches a durable raft for the Deep Flow Technique (DFT) cultivation of leafy vegetables and herbs. The Meteor Systems Hydroponic Floating Raft is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which, in contrast to expanded polystyrene (EPS), discourages diseases, algal growth and contamination and has a longer lifespan. Moreover, the raft is also suitable for substrate-free cultivation.

Meteor Systems produces drip irrigation systems, steel gutters, movable growing systems, fasteners, suspension and support systems and roofing systems for soft fruit crops for businesses aiming for optimum growth and maximum yield. The company based in Breda, in the Netherlands, is internationally active and has been one of the most innovative companies in horticulture for years.

Meteor Systems Hydroponic Floating Raft: Cleaner, more durable

Nowadays, herbs and leafy vegetables are largely cultivated in EPS rafts with plant holes. However, this floating system has a number of important drawbacks: These rafts absorb water through their coarse structure, and therefore dirt and germs. Moreover, they are very fragile.

Meteor Systems has developed a raft made from HDPE. This hard-plastic floating raft is easier to clean and lasts longer than the traditional polystyrene rafts. Because the HDPE raft does not absorb water, the plant surface remains cooler on summer days than when using a polystyrene raft (approx. 10 °C). In addition, the holes are designed so that roots do not grow into the raft.

Suitable for substrate-free cultivation

The Meteor Systems Hydroponic Floating Raft can be used in two ways thanks to its unique planting hole. Either with substrate plugs (e.g. compost, rock-wool or coco-fibre), or alternatively for substrate-free cultivation. Meteor Systems is launching a patented plant-holder for this purpose by mid-2018.

The Meteor Systems Floating Rafts measure 954 x 779 x 50 mm and weigh 2.85 kilograms. There are two versions: One with 15 holes and one with 30 holes (the shape and size of the holes can be varied on request).