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30 May 2019


Arysta LifeScience - UPL Europe Ltd

A NEW biostimulant for fruit and vegetables that offers a refined formulation of amino acids, is now available from UPL UK & Ireland.

Recognising a plant's requirement for amino acids varies during the season, and that not all amino acids serve the same purpose, Ary-Amin' F&V has a higher loading of specific amino acids in its formulation.

Applying this refined approach means that the amino acids in Ary-Amin F&V are specifically aimed at increasing chlorophyll formation, and improving the plant's ability to manage stress.

Head Technical Manager for UPL UK & Ireland, Don Pendergrast said: 'Plants need a continuous supply of amino acids, known as the 'building blocks of protein', to be able to grow.

'If a plant doesn't need to create all its own amino acids, it will be able to better utilise its resources and improve its energy usage.

'What makes Ary-Amin F&V different from other amino acid products, is it offers a tailored formulation, aimed specifically at increasing chlorophyll content in the foliage to allow a plant to grow through periods of stress, whilst maximising its yield potential.

'Also, fruit and vegetables experience high levels of stress post transplanting and this is when it is especially critical to maintain cell integrity and water regulation. Thanks to its targeted formulation, Ary-Amin F&V will help plants to recover.'

Ary-Amin F&V consists of seven different amino acids including glycine, proline, aspartic acid and glutamic acid. Glycine is a precursor of chlorophyll and aids photosynthesis, whereas proline is essential for overcoming stresses such as temperature changes, including low temperatures and heat stress, that can damage cell integrity and reduce plant resilience.

Mr Pendergrast added: 'Following years of research and product development, we have been able to create a range of advanced biostimulant products that target the specific problems that growers face during the reproductive phase of the plant, rather than one-size-fits-all.

'We hope that this clarity of positioning will help growers to make informed decisions that enhance their existing crop protection programmes.'

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