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New Easy-To-Use, Affordable Remote Field Monitoring System


UK fruit growers now have access to the Davis EnviroMonitor system: an affordable, flexible, rugged solution that delivers the data needed to manage key elements that keep crops healthy, yields high, and money in growers’ pockets.

EnviroMonitor delivers actionable intelligence by measuring, monitoring and managing critical in-field data from remote locations through a network of sensors. Get the timely and meaningful information, to make critical crop decisions.

Self-Optimising Mesh Network

EnviroMonitor consists of a Gateway and Nodes that form an easy-to-set-up, self-optimising mesh network. Each Node can support multiple sensors which can be added, removed or relocated easily. Growers can connect any of a growing selection of top-tier Davis Instruments and third-party sensors, including soil moisture, soil temperature, rainfall, soil salinity, air temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, as well as pressure sensors and switches, flow meters, and water level indicators.

Multiple sensors can be installed on each Node in the EnviroMonitor system. Adding new sensors as needed is very simple. While there are many Davis-branded sensor options, EnviroMonitor allows users to connect many top-tier third-party sensors as well.

Use real-time data to make well-informed decisions on key issues including:

• Irrigation management
• Frost conditions
• Crop management
• Soil conditions
• Weather damage.

Key Advantages of the Davis EnviroMonitor System

• Easy access to the data from in-field sensors
• Use Davis and third-party sensors
• Consolidate multiple systems (and cell plans) into one
• Quickly set up alarms and alerts.

See how EnviroMonitor helps streamline the daily decisions of growing.

Dynamic, Intuitive Apps

Every EnviroMonitor customer gets full access to Davis’s powerful EnviroMonitor and Mobilize apps to guide them in setting up their system and to see and share in-field data on their smartphones.

For further information on the Davis EnviroMonitor system, visit https://www.enviromonitors.co.uk/davis-enviromonitor/

Come and See us at Fruit Focus 2017

The friendly team at EnviroMonitors would be delighted to discuss your needs and provide expert advice on monitoring weather, soil moisture & nutrient levels, light & more.

Visit us at Fruit Focus 2017, outdoor space 374, or call 01243 558 280.


EnviroMonitors is a trading name of Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd. More information is at https://www.enviromonitors.co.uk/about-us/

Tempcon sells a wide range of weather monitoring instruments through https://www.enviromonitors.co.uk/ (technical markets) and through it’s consumer site https://www.weathershop.co.uk/

EnviroMonitors and Weather Shop are the largest resellers of Davis weather solutions in the UK.


For more information, please contact:

Jim Copeland
Managing Director
Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd
Tel: 01243 558 280

Email: jimcopeland@enviromonitors.co.uk