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New large-volume 25 litre, 35 litre and 45 litre pots for blueberry cultivation


Are you looking for a substrate pot for your blueberry plants? You’ll find precisely what you want at Beekenkamp Verpakkingen! This season, Beekenkamp is introducing a new series of large-volume pots. A square 25 litre pot and a round 35 litre and 45 litre pot for blueberry cultivation.

The square 25 litre pot and round 35 litre and 45 litre pots both have a high foot. This guarantees maximum drainage. The pots also have plenty of drainage capacity due to the open bottom, allowing a maximum amount of water to drain away. This ensures a good root environment, healthy roots and optimal growth. The extra height minimises the risk of roots growing down to the ground and soil diseases.

All pots has been made made using a smarter production method and can be more efficiently nestably stacked. This means that we can stack a larger volume per pallet and save on transport costs.

The square 25 litre pot, the round 35 litre pot and 45 litre pot are all produced from high quality recycled PP material. They are of excellent quality and can be used for a long time.

If you would like more information on the blueberry pots or if you would like to receive a sample, please contact us without obligation or visit us at the Fruit Focus 2019, Booth 602.   

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