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15 Jul 2019

Novel Additions to Integrated Crop Management in Soft Fruit from Russell IPM

Russell IPM group has now expanded into three distinct areas:

  • Russell IPM is a leading manufacturer of Integrated Pest Management solutions, selling traps, pheromones and biorational products across the globe.
  • Russell Bio Solutions is a UK manufacturer of natural based biofertiliser, biostimulant and biopesticide products, whose core expertise is in sustainable plant health solutions using beneficial soil microbes and natural materials.
  • Russell IOT is focused on developing smart digital solutions for the monitoring of pests and environmental factors associated with them. ''

Please come to our stand 604 to find out more about our products, including:

Optiroll super plus, our award winning roller trap infused with the Western flower thrips pheromone. This patterned roll with WFT pheromone doubles the thrips trap catch and significantly reduces thrips numbers between 50-88% in the field.

Suzukii traps are equally effective at catching Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) as the market leader but have a reduced catch of non-target species, making it easier to count and identify SWD.' Xlureswd is our new Spotted Wing Drosophila dry lure that lasts for up to three months in the field.

PrediPal is an innovative new tool for pest management that attracts natural enemies into the crop, improves the distribution of natural enemies through the crop and delays the build-up of pest hot spots.

Yokosan, an organic, liquid fertiliser based on potassium, humate, water extract of worm castings and beneficial microorganisms, is our latest crop adjuvant. This Ecocert organic-certified product promotes plant growth and makes plants more resistant to frosts, droughts, salinity and biotic stress at a low application rate of 1 litre per hectare.

Finally, we have a new range of specialist pheromones, including fruit midge species and strawberry blossom weevil.


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