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Profil Alsace S.A.S.

18-Jul-2018 by: Profil Alsace

As the leading manufacturer in Europe, we have been manufacturing high-quality steel vineyard posts for over 30 years. We can offer turnkey trellis material solutions, as well as custom design post plans.

Our newest product is the R hook – available on our range of posts, either in Hot Dipped Galvanised or Strip Galvanised posts. The patented R Hook ensures that when passing machinery over the trellis (harvesting machines / pruning machines), the R hook will not be struck into the post as it is bent upwards, away from the machine punched hole.  A nub on the inside of the R hook ensures wires clip in and out of the hook, and prevent them from moving.

The Profil Alsace trellis systems are ready for the future of the UK vineyard industry, allowing the end user to carry out tasks manually, or to mechanise them as they so wish, from wire raising and lowering, to wood stripping machines and harvesters.