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03 Jun 2019

Talk to us about growing your own cash!

Breakthrough Funding specialises in claiming R&D tax relief.'

The fruit sector is recognised as one of the sectors who do not take full advantage of HMRC's R&D Tax Relief scheme.

If you are growing new varieties or fruit types; trialling new growing methods or conditions, or just looking at different fertilisers or pest control methods, then you may be entitled to claim.'

Breakthrough Funding has worked with a number of fruit and vegetable producers over the last three years and through the R&D scheme, they have received cash payments or tax relief to the value, on average, of '60,000.'

The R&D Tax Relief scheme is there to reward companies who are investing in innovative projects.' Unfortunately, too many farm-based companies don't realise they're missing out.' We do all the work, with no forms to fill in, so you get back what you're owed quickly and efficiently.

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