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The WET Sensor – Fast, Accurate, Root Zone Moisture and EC Measurements


The WET Sensor from Delta-T Devices enables growers to measure three vital substrate properties: water content, pore water electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature.

Fast, accurate and easy to use, the WET Sensor is used by growers to take hundreds of substrate readings each day to guide fertigation decisions, helping to establish and maintain optimal growing conditions.

The WET Sensor is normally ordered as a complete kit - which includes a WET Sensor, an HH2 Readout Unit and a handy carry case. The HH2 gives an immediate display of each reading, and also stores readings in memory, which can be downloaded to PC for analysis.

The WET Sensor’s strong sharp high grade steel rods make it easy to push the sensor into substrates, minimising root and structural disturbance. Temperature measurement, essential for compensating the EC measurement, is taken deep in the root zone, ensuring highest accuracy. Precise control of fertigation is critical to maximise yield and quality, and effective control is only possible with accurate measurements.

The WET Sensor can also be used with a suitable data logger (Delta-T Devices GP1 and GP2 are ideal) for long term monitoring, particularly useful when other parameters are recorded at the same time.  WET Sensor substrate calibrations are available for growers using coir, peat, mineral wool, and potting soils.

For more information visit: www.delta-t.co.uk