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  • James Hutton Limited looks forward to welcoming Fruit Focus visitors to stand 14 for tastings of the newest raspberry varieties to be released from their Raspberry Breeding Consortium, all bred at the James Hutton Institute, near Dundee.

  • FLiPPER is a physical-acting bioinsecticide that provides broad spectrum control of insects and mite pests on protected crops of tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries.

    Leaf-sucking pests cause damage to fruit crops by feeding on the plants and depriving them of nutrients. They often inflict secondary damage through the secretion of honeydew, which can cause black sooty mould to develop. FLiPPER not only protects crops from a wide range of leaf-sucking pests, but its unique leaf-washing action also prevents honeydews and sooty moulds from spreading to the fruit.

  • New Aja C80 ‘High Speed’ Pre Seal – Pre Punneted Produce Average ‘e’ Weight Checkweigher and Re-Work weigh station.

    Increasingly produce packers are looking to increase line speeds upwards to 140ppm while at the same time significantly reducing manning levels. Weighing and adjusting every single pre filled punnet whether direct from the field or pre packed by overseas suppliers is simply no longer viable. With ever increasing minimum wage costs Packers need to automate and increase productivity to maintain profitability while at the same time maintaining overfill control with Average ‘e’ or Nett Minimum weight software solutions

  • The Bio-Chel Platform has been hugely successful for the Engage Group of companies for many years and has evolved into a leading chelation technology across the world.

    The platform focuses on utilising unique organic chelation to provide fruit growers with highly effective chelates of high metal content which are cost effective in use.

  • The new SM150T Sensor is ideal for measuring moisture content and temperature in soils and substrates. It has a wide range of applications across horticulture and agriculture, and is a reliable and cost-effective sensor for system integrators, who appreciate its ease of installation and simple interface (0 – 1 V DC output).

  • Growers need to focus on maximising grape and wine quality after a difficult start to the year, with late frosts damaging yields in some areas.

    From perfecting winemaking techniques to maximising efficiencies, visitors to the Fruit Focus event will discover how to help their business bounce back from the harsh spring and move ahead with confidence next year.

  • UK fruit growers now have access to the Davis EnviroMonitor system: an affordable, flexible, rugged solution that delivers the data needed to manage key elements that keep crops healthy, yields high, and money in growers’ pockets.

    EnviroMonitor delivers actionable intelligence by measuring, monitoring and managing critical in-field data from remote locations through a network of sensors. Get the timely and meaningful information, to make critical crop decisions.

  • It has not been an easy growing season for fruit and vine producers, but visitors to the Fruit Focus event have a chance to quiz scientific experts on how to deal with current challenges – and how to adapt for the future.

    Being based at the NIAB East Malling Research (EMR) site in Kent, the event offers visitors an unmissable opportunity to tour around the Concept Pear Orchard, the research vineyard, and the brand new Water Efficient Technologies (WET) Centre.

  • Visitors to Fruit Focus are invited to hear more about the latest innovation in biocontrols, as growers look to employ more sustainable farming practices to compliment integrated disease management programmes.

    Prestop, from Lallemand Plant Care, is a biofungicide which contains the mycelia and spores of a naturally occurring, highly aggressive, soil-borne fungus (Gliocladium catenulatum strain J1446) which survives in the rhizosphere and on the aerial parts of plants for several weeks, affecting a wide range of damaging plant pathogens.

  • New this year from Bayer, soft fruit growers have fungicide Luna Sensation and apple growers have emergency access to insecticide Movento Top. The Bayer horticulture team will be on stand 8 to discuss how best to use them and talk about potential uses in more crops.


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