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  • Vineyard Supplies at Fruit Focus 2018

    17-Jul-2018 by: Vineyard Supplies (GT Products Europe)
    Vineyard Supplies, part of GT Products (Europe) Ltd has been supplying growers in the viticulture and Horticultural sectors for over 20 years.
  • Fruit production is becoming increasingly mechanised, so seeing what specialist equipment is on offer can help producers invest for the future. This year’s Fruit Focus event is set to have something for everyone, including specialised machinery designed to work in confined places, reduce compaction and save time. 
  • The hottest topics will be discussed at this year’s Fruit Focus event, giving producers the lowdown on effective labour management, Brexit resilience and robotics of the future.
  • Swansea University based biotech company Bionema will launch its unique Tri-Component System, a nematode based pest control product, at this year's 'Fruit Focus' in Kent in July. This novel system demonstrates a 20-30% higher efficacy than traditional nematode based products, with a kill rate of up to 95%.
  • Glen Carron - the Sweet Taste of Summer

    04-Jul-2018 by: James Hutton Limited
    Earlier this year, James Hutton Limited announced that advanced floricane raspberry selection 0485K-1 had been given the market name, Glen Carron, as it became the latest variety to be added to the James Hutton Limited raspberry portfolio.
  • Flushing irrigation lines with a low pH PK fertiliser can increase outputs by up to 6%, while significantly cutting irrigation time and therefore associated costs, according to recent trials.
  • BASF continues to expand, develop and invest in new fruit products.
  • A new variety of Strawberry: Sonsation

    ENS, the Netherlands – Their first variety that bears its fruit midseason, Flevo Berry’s new cultivar Sonsation has evidently been an enormous hit from the very start. A mighty burst of flavor with a lovely shiny appearance, and yet barely susceptible to the dreaded root disease Phytophthora. “Sonsation fits into our philosophy. In developing new varieties we always look ahead. It can be done differently and it really must be done differently, so for us, flavor and sustainability are at the top of the list. It is a part of the way we think”.

  • Agricare Group 2018 Picking Bucket & Liner

    01-Jul-2018 by: Agricare Group
    Say hello to the new picking bucket & liner from Agricare! With a fresh design for the 2018 season, our new bucket and liners are design to be more robust and last longer.
  • Engage Agro are known for nutritional excellence and innovation across the world and for Fruit Focus 2018 Engage Agro Europe are set to add to the innovative range of technologies within the group by releasing a new foliar calcium fertiliser named Opti-Cal.

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