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Research Tours 2019

Keep up to date with the latest fruit research and scientific developments

The scope of work at NIAB EMR is hugely impressive from new varieties through to pest control and water efficiency. Fruit Focus offers the ideal opportunity to take a guided tour encompassing NIAB EMR Research's latest fruit research.

Sign up for the tours at the NIAB EMR stand as soon as possible on arrival to avoid disappointment. The tours are very popular so it is advised to put your name down sooner rather than later.

2019 NIAB EMR Research Tours

Research Tours timetable for Fruit Focus 2019 

Times Who Tours
10:00 Dr Mark Else WET Centre
10:15 Dr Julien Lecourt R&D Vineyard
11:00 Michelle Fountain Enhancing pest control by planting floral resources in and around strawberry crops
11:30 Dr Mark Else WET Centre
11:45 Dr Julien Lecourt Plum orchard
13:30 Dr Debbie Rees The Produce Quality Centre
14:00 Dr Mark Else WET Centre
14:15 Graham Caspell Concept Pear Orchard
14:30 Dr Julien Lecourt R&D Vineyard
14:45 Dr Debbie Rees The Produce Quality Centre
15:00 Dr Mark Else WET Centre



All tours leave from the NIAB EMR marquee unless otherwise stated.

The WET Centre

Hear about our work on the precision growing of soft fruit implementing leading industry technologies and 20 years of cutting-edge R&D, also witness the progress being made towards the establishment of WET Centre Phase two – raspberries.

Your Guide: Dr Mark Else

Tours at 10.00, 11.30, 14.00 and 15.00

R&D Vineyard

See several new plantings which are extending the area and variety diversity of the research vineyard. Hear about UK viticulture sector varieties, climate change, weed management and 2019 - the story so far.

Your Guide: Dr Julien Lecourt

Tours at 10.15 and 14.30

Enhancing pest control by planting floral resources in and around strawberry crops

A new study at NIAB EMR is looking at a range of native plant species that have been sown to look at the beneficial effects they can have around polytunnels. Can we utilise so-called ‘Floral Interventions’ to divert rainwater run-off into plant growth and groundwater through improved soil structure and stability?  

Your Guide: Michelle Fountain

One tour at 11.00

Plum Demonstration Orchard

Visit the UK’s first Plum Demonstration Orchard which pulls together the ‘best practice’ outputs of a recently-completed InnovateUK project looking at the ‘Sustainable Intensification of UK Plum Production’

Your Guide: Dr Julien Lecourt

One tour at 11.45


Concept Pear Orchard

The Concept Pear Orchard at East Malling is now proving to be an invaluable showcase site to help inform and train future generations of UK pear growers - But what can we expect as we look forward to the tenth crop of this plantation?

Your Guide: Graham Caspell

One tour at 14.15


The Produce Quality Centre

An introduction to the range of research being undertaken on storage and handling of perishable produce in the Jim Mount Building; the most extensive controlled atmosphere storage research facilities in the UK

Your Guide: Dr Debbie Rees

Tours at 13.30 and 14.45

CPD points at Fruit Focus

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BASIS Professional Register members will have the opportunity to collect four BASIS CPD points.To collect their points members should head to the BASIS stand (804) and present their membership card for scanning, those without a card can simply fill in a form with their details.

Research tours