Jim  Schaefer

Jim Schaefer

President, Storage Control Systems
Jim Schaefer is the president of Storage Control Systems, Inc. located in Sparta, Michigan and owner of Storage Control Systems, Ltd, also located in Paddock Wood, Kent. Dynamic CA Control using Safepod RQ and then Respiration as a second important indicator is Jim’s latest frontier with the North American patented Safepod system. Similar to the proverbial canary in the coal mine, careful monitoring of an apple’s respiration indicates stress at the low oxygen limit of the fruit sample. The Safepod creates a microenvironment inside a larger CA room, in which the operator can test a low oxygen regime or limit before allowing the entire room to dive to those levels. Knowing those limits, the entire room of fruit can be kept safe. In recent years SCS has developed Labpod and now MicroPod for small fruits. Before becoming president in 1996, Jim first started at SCS when his father formed the corporation in 1982. After earning his degree in Computer Information Systems, Jim returned to the company and helped the family business grow. Throughout the years, Jim continues to set the industry standard by pioneering CO2 Scrubbers, Gastight Doors, Membrane and PSA Nitrogen Generators, customized 6000 automated CA controls, and Kilowatch for building energy management.