Minshad  Ansari

Minshad Ansari

CEO, Bionema Limited
Dr Minshad Ansari is the founder and CEO of Bionema, a biopesticide technology developing company based in Swansea University, UK. After 15 years in an academic career, Minshad started Bionema in 2012 for the development of chemical free pest and diseases solution, using microorganisms (fungi, bacteria and nematodes) to protect crops from pests and disease. Through working in different projects and interacting with end-users in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, turf and amenity sectors, Minshad has identified the need for developing biocontrol solutions which can “fill the gap” in the market either created by the removal of harmful chemical pesticides or that insects are developing resistance to pesticides. Minshad has strong professional entrepreneurship skills, extensive experience in R&D, strategic planning, operational management, business engagement, technology development and regulatory affairs. In 2017, Minshad was involved in the development of Met52® bioinsecticide and launched a unique Tri-Component System NemaTrident® nematode based bioinsecticide for insect pest control in horticultural, turf amenity and forestry sectors. Minshad is a qualified BASIS advisor in Crop Protection (Commercial Horticulture) and passionate about biocontrol technology.