Robotics in Action


Robotics in Action

New for Fruit Focus 2021

At Fruit Focus 2021, you will be able to see robotics and automated machinery in action.  Demos will take place throughout the day in the central area from leading technology providers including, but not limited to:

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See the R150 in action

We supply aerial and ground based autonomous spray systems, along with training and ongoing support. Working with the worlds leading manufacturers, to offer a cutting edge solutions for agricultural and disease prevention applications.

The R150 will be demoed at Fruit Focus2021.  The R150 is a powerful, modular, multi function platform designed with farmers in mind.  It can spray, cut the grass, sow, spread pellets and tow up to 1 tonne.  It's powerful all electric drive train helps farmers reduce carbon use and is whisper quiet.  Equipped with an independent electric 4-wheel-drive system, differential steering ensures maximum manoeuvrability with a minimum turning diameter of 0.7 meters.  The 100 litre super-large-capacity intelligent spray tank with real-time sensing to enable fully autonomous operation and data integration. 

Integrated Dual Engine RTK positioning gives "cm" level navigational accuracy with fully automated route recording and repeatability. The R150-ATJ can operate in total darkness and is suitable for 24hr operations.  

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Autonomous Robots for In-Field Logistics 

Berry Gardens Growers and the University of Lincoln have partnered to bring this demonstration of collaborative SAGA Thorvald robots providing logistics services in strawberry tabletop environments to Fruit Focus 2021. Our robots respond to the picker’s call to support them and ensure picked fruits are delivered to the local storage as quickly as possible, maximising fruit quality and freshness. The dynamic fleet management combined with the latest IoT technology allows operating autonomous robots at scale, minimising waiting times for pickers, and increasing productivity of picking operations. Innovative simulation technology optimises the operations for any farm or field layout and computes the optimal size of the fleet of transportation robots, offering the intelligence needed for responsible business investments. Whether fruits are picked by robots or humans, transporting them as quickly and reliably as possible across the fields and farm is essential, and at Fruit Focus we demonstrate a scalable solution that works.