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Continued commitment to fruit growers

04-Jul-2018 by: BASF

BASF continues to expand, develop and invest in new fruit products.

This year it launched a novel preventative fungicide for powdery mildew in strawberries, Charm contains the highly active SDHI, fluxapyroxad and azole, difenconazole.

Top fruit growers also have Sercadis (fluxapyroxad) and a new formulation of dithianon, Delan Pro (dithianon and potassium phosphonates (phosphite), KHP, a new fungicidal active). Doug Hutton-Squire, BASF fruit agronomy manager, said dithianon provides preventative multi-site activity while KHP stimulates production of defensive compounds giving plants systemic acquired resistance.

BASF has also a novel solution for codling and tortrix moth control in apples and pears; a massive problem as these moths cause economic damage at low populations. This new technology, RAK 3 and RAK 4, uses female pheromones to disrupt mating. Pheromones flood the orchard; male moths suffer sensory overload and can’t find a mate. The effects last 5 months, offering season-long disruption.

“We bring new, exciting products to growers continuously, come visit us at fruit focus to find out more about the current and future portfolio” says Doug.