Fruit Focus at a Glance 2022


Fruit Focus at a Glance 2022

13 July 2022

  1. NFU Fruit Forum

    Detailed view into different application techniques of biological control organisms into strawberry crops, with focus on the financial aspects and labour intensity.

  2. NFU Fruit Forum
    Find out about a new orchard sprayer that has been developed to vary the dose and volume of spray applied based on tree size.
  3. NFU Fruit Forum
    Learn about a new early plum variety that is being named and launched by Malling Fruits.
  4. NFU Fruit Forum
    With sharply rising costs across all sectors, what have businesses done to mitigate the impacts and how will future production be affected?  Hear from a panel of speakers discussing the impacts for horticultural businesses and the drive to deliver cost savings and efficiency.
  5. NFU Fruit Forum
    Despite securing a commitment to a 3 year Seasonal Worker Scheme, growers have faced the most difficult season yet.  Labour shortages have reached their highest levels and decisions to release the extra 10k visas for horticulture have been painfully slow.  Hear about the ongoing activities to secure a more stable, long term solution, and what businesses can do to ensure the tight labour market doesn’t exacerbate worker exploitation risks.
  6. NFU Fruit Forum

    Plants principally take up calcium with water in the transpiration stream and it is moved via the xylem. As a result, plant tissues with high transpiration rates, such as leaves, receive more calcium. Conversely, those with low transpiration rates, such as fruit, can suffer from sub-optimal levels of calcium, despite ample availability in the soil and adjacent plant leaves.  This session will discuss ways to increase localised calcium mobility and optimise calcium availability in fruit, improving quality, marketable yield and shelf life.

  7. NFU Fruit Forum
    Find out about NIAB research to understand if commercial biostimulants can increase yields of fruit under reduced water and mineral fertiliser regimes.
  8. NFU Fruit Forum
    Discover a new technique for controlling spotted wing drosophila, which will soon become a commercial reality.
  9. NFU Fruit Forum
    Learn about NIAB research to recycle green waste and re-use coir substrates for soft fruit crops.
  10. NFU Fruit Forum

    A short discussion on the application and problems solving using the Ozone Nano Bubble technology followed by a seminar on root temperatures influence all parameters of the plant’s physiology, and an optimum Root Zone Temperature (RZT) range is essential for a plant’s robust growth, productivity, and quality. 

  11. NFU Fruit Forum

    To assist growers in adopting effective IPM strategies in their crop, Bayer and Agrii will share the findings and results of a 2 year IPM programme they have been trialling in soft fruit.  They will highlight the impact of the IPM approach and will also share details of an innovative digital residue management platform currently under development.        

  12. NFU Fruit Forum

    Growers are facing increasing pressures from chemical restrictions such as, achieving a set number of residues or dealing with harvest intervals. This session will focus on the use of the plant defence elicitor, Romeo, in a disease management programme. Areas of focus will include, the biology of host plant defence inducers, how to integrate plant defence elicitors in to your IPM programme and key factors to take in to account during and after application.


  13. NFU Fruit Forum
    The UK berry growing industry and the work of  its industry body British Summer Fruits has been a great success story for decades, growing demand far above the overall fruit category growth, and satisfying that demand with near 100% home grown supply. Our growers now face unprecedented challenges that threaten their and the industries very existence. Nick Marston will talk about what the repurposed industry body is doing to address this massive challenge and to ensure the industries long term sustainability.
  14. NFU Fruit Forum

    Soft fruit farms are facing an ever growing array of challenges, ranging from labour shortages to increased supply chain costs.  Automating tasks on farms has been identified as one of the impactful ways farmers can overcome and adapt to this new landscape.  This session will go through the different ways Saga Robotics continue to roll out services that help UK strawberry farms optimise their operation.

  15. NFU Fruit Forum
    Having won two Queens awards for innovation, Russell IPM and Russell Bio Solutions are pleased to introduce Russell IOT. Russell IOT will be introducing the beta version of TruePest, a new AI mobile phone application for the monitoring and counting of insects. 
  16. NFU Fruit Forum
    People are fundamental to the operation of modern soft fruit farms. They are a precious resource and valued. The problem is that fruit growers can’t recruit enough people to meet their needs. This session will tackle this problem with a discussion of smart autonomous robots intended to make the human workforce more productive.
  17. NFU Fruit Forum

    Strawberry growers in the UK are offering year round cropping through the use of LED lighting.  This presentation centers around how LED lighting can be used in a number of different scenarios from simple season extension all the way through to full winter production.  Based on recent projects in the Netherlands, this session will cover the benefits to growers, how the technology is maturing, the latest in spectrum development and typical yield values.