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NFU Fruit Forum 2024


NFU Fruit Forum 2024

  1. NFU Fruit Forum

    Breeding is a key source of innovation in both the cultivation and marketing of strawberries. By developing low-chill varieties, everbearer, June-bearer strawberries, growers can find diverse solutions to enhance value. These advancements benefit the entire value chain by reducing inputs, enabling year-round fruit availability, and optimizing glasshouse cultivation.


  2. NFU Fruit Forum
    Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) are sporadic pests of several horticultural crops. Although pheromones have been identified for many pine sawflies of the Diprionidae family, the pheromone of only one species from the Tenthredinidae family had previously been reported. It was proposed that virgin females of the yellowheaded spruce sawfly, Pikonema alaskensis, used unsaturated aldehydes derived by degradation of unsaturated cuticular hydrocarbons as sex pheromone to attract males.
  3. NFU Fruit Forum

    This seminar will explain how to improve calcium mobility and the effect this has on tree and soft fruit in the field. Hear how the calcium mobility biostimulant technology works to optimise movement and distribution of calcium in plant tissue to help improve crop quality and yield, and reduce the risk of calcium disorders.

  4. NFU Fruit Forum

    Join this seminar and hear from the NFU about their priorities to help champion horticulture.

  5. NFU Fruit Forum

    Hear from industry experts about the regulatory future of crop protection and, how the UK may be adapting in a post-Brexit regulatory world.

  6. NFU Fruit Forum

    This rapid fire technical session will cover topics below:

    Developing alternative methods of control for apple canker

    Precision pollination for improved nutrition and shelf-life in protected strawberry

    Screening for resistance to spotted wing drosophila in strawberry and raspberry

    Integrated biological control of large raspberry aphid

    The latest developments in coir recycling

  7. NFU Fruit Forum
    Join this seminar to learn about AI-powered pest monitoring solutions that accurately monitor, counts and records pest populations on various environments, such as farms. This innovative technology uses advanced AI algorithms to detect and precisely monitor pests, reducing the need for manual labour and resources.  AI-powered monitoring enables you to identify pest infestations at an early stage, allowing for quick and targeted control measures while providing valuable insights into pest activity and trends. 
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  9. NFU Fruit Forum
  10. NFU Fruit Forum

    This seminar will take a look at a new technology - circular in nature - utilising hydrolysed proteins, peptides and amino acids naturally derived from sheep wool.

    This technology assists plant biological processes in response to abiotic stress and improves crop quality and yield. The combination of hydrolysed proteins, peptides, and amino acids has a diverse range of actions, including stimulating hormonal synthesis pathways, chlorophyll synthesis, nutrient uptake and assimilation, and plant metabolism.  Benefits include reduced transplant shock, boosted plant metabolism and green-up, improved nutrient uptake and assimilation, increased plant growth, vigour, and tillering, improved fruit yield and quality, reduced phytotoxicity from herbicide application, increased tolerance to abiotic stress.

    The presentation will cover its relevance to fruit growing, the genetic basis for its effect (results from UK universities), and trials in Fruit and Vegetables.

  11. NFU Fruit Forum
    Enhance your fruit cultivation, decrease costs and optimize growth using Coir Substrates.  This seminar will help you pick the right chips/coco peat mix and choose the right EC Level for your crops.
  12. NFU Fruit Forum

    Plants are becoming increasingly understood as a dynamic system of constituent organs and communities of microbes housed by these structures.  The traditional agronomic approach has largely overlooked the importance of the interaction between plants and their associated microbes – only focusing on the emergence of diseases from these microbiomes.  By implementing a holistic agronomic approach, growers are able to tailor all of their inputs, not just pesticides, to positively manipulate the activity of the plant and its microbiomes. This enables growers to exploit natural processes that create effective barriers to exclude and combat pathogens without reliance on curative chemical fungicides – avoiding infection and facilitating quicker and stronger plant growth. This preventative approach, therefore, reduces input costs whilst ensuring crop success – enabling both environmentally and financially sustainable crop production.

  13. NFU Fruit Forum
  14. Tara's presentation will focus on how advancements in tray sealing technology are raising the bar in meeting key production goals. She will address challenges related to sustainability, operational efficiency and food safety through seal integrity. By showcasing the capabilities of the award-winning QX-500 tray sealer, Tara will demonstrate how Ishida's technology helps food producers overcome industry challenges and comply with retail standards and consumer expectations.

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