Produce Quality Centre


Produce Quality Centre

The Produce Quality Centre (PQC) is a collaboration between the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich and NIAB EMR. The Centre provides expertise on handling and storage of perishable produce, with the knowledge, skills and facilities to provide high quality independent research for the fresh produce industry.

What we do?

We carry out trials to test produce for stress responses using industry standard markers, such as texture and colour, as well as more advanced analysis of respiration and plant volatile compounds. Our controlled atmosphere and packaging facilities enable us to trial various atmospheric conditions at different temperatures and humidity levels, and process crops in a setting that can imitate the commercial environment. Whether you require a study to investigate the quality of your crop, wish to understand the effects of a change in logistics or packaging, or wish to optimise the storage of a novel product, the Produce Quality Centre can help.




What makes us Unique?

Our long-standing relationship with growers, retailers and processors gives the PQC an understanding of how the fresh produce industry operates and allows us to develop robust trials that provide reliable results for immediate and practicable application. The pre-harvest technical background from NIAB EMR coupled with the extensive global supply chain expertise of NRI offer the fresh produce industry a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced so that we can provide effective solutions which will increase consumer choice, improve energy and transport efficiency, improve quality and nutrition, reduce waste and extend availability.

On and Off-Site Consultancy

The Produce Quality Centre recognises the importance of understanding the unique individual processes carried out by growers, suppliers, and processors. Our confidential consultancy can also be carried out directly within your organisation and can include conducting in-house trials that fully account for individual practises.