That's Fruit Focus done for another year. It was our best ever, we met so many great growers, students, scientists, existing and potential customers! A great big thank you from Dave, Terry, Sian and Paul. We had a blast and we hope you did too!


“Fruit Focus has been a great show for us this year! We had the successful launch of the ‘MallingTM Champion’ by the Minister, had a lot of interest on the stand, a lot of people going onto the tours, so we have had a great day and have met lots of people that want to come back”

Ross Newham, Operations Director, NIAB EMR

Another fantastic Fruit Focus yesterday! Sunshine, Soft Fruit & top-notch networking. Many thanks to the team at Comexposium for such a Fruitful event! The start of our show was without a doubt Glen Carron - the sweet taste of summer

James Hutton Limited

What a fantastic day at Fruit Focus yesterday. The sun was shining, conversations were flowing and lots of new and exciting technology was on display. We loved meeting and catching up with so many new and old faces.

Next Gen Fruit Group

What a day - what a team! Thanks to everyone who came to visit us Fruit Focus today. We're so proud to be part of a passionate, exciting & innovative industry showcased at a truly fantastic event!

Agrovista UK

Fabulous day for Fruit Focus today. We were delighted to take part in the Innovation Insights presentations organised by Agri Tech East and share our thoughts on why a bespoke weather monitoring system makes perfect sense for fruit growers.

Prodata Weather

A fantastic day Fruit Focus! The Fruit Farming industry is certainly in berry good health! Proud to be part of it!

Eurofins Agro UK

What a wonderful day it’s been at Fruit Focus 2019 full of sharing, learning and networking. We are very happy with the turn out this year and look forward to seeing you again for 2020!

Organisers of Fruit Focus - Prysm

Thank you so much to all those that attended Fruit Focus 2019. The show was truly a big success with a 15% growth in attendance from last years event. It was a pleasure to share this experience with you and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Organiser of Fruit Focus - Comexposium

We have had a great day at Fruit Focus!

Here at BASF we sell our products through our distributors so events like this are a great opportunity for us to meet our customers, customers talk to them about their issues and problems and that gives us the opportunity to create better products and solutions for them in the future


"The event has picked up around mid to late morning and has been busy over lunch time. From our point of view,  there are three purposes for us being here.

One is just to make contact with people who do not normally get the opportunity to see us and then we make ourselves available to talk about the research that we are funding or any specific publications that people have not got that they would like to get from us.

There are two other things we have been promoting this year, one is the WET Centre, because we are now involved with the WET Centre, there have been 4 farm tours today, we are part funding that so we are trying to raise the profile of our involvement.

The third thing we are trying to promote is the Plum Demonstration Centre, there was a farm tour at quarter to twelve and we did a launch of the Plum Demonstration Centre and also have been showcasing a very early new plum selection.

What we are trying to do with plums is to spread the season of production and there is a new early variety which had been demonstrated at the Plum Demonstration Centre. We have got the fruit here so people have been coming onto the stand and tasting it and saying 'that's really a terrific variety' and we have used that as an opportunity to tell people about the Plum Demonstration Centre. So its been successful, we have had a really good number of people who came to the tour, it looks as if it was about 40 or 50 people that came to that and the press were there as well so that has helped to raise its profile."

Scott Raffle, Knowledge Exchange Manager (Soft Fruit/Tree Fruit) at AHDB Horticulture

“Fruit Focus is always a great opportunity to meet lots of NFU members and as usual the NFU tent was full the brim. It was great to get the opportunity to ensure our farming minister has a full understanding of the huge ambition of the sector but at the same time we need urgent action from him to scale up the Seasonal Workers Pilot to 10,000 permits now, 30,000 for 2020 and 70,000 for 2021. The lead-times are such that this work needs to start now. It is not an option to sacrifice the production of fresh British fruit and vegetables simply because the government has not acted”

Ali Capper, NFU Horticulture and Potatoes Board Chair