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NFU Fruit Forum 2023


NFU Fruit Forum 2023

  1. NFU Fruit Forum
    Fresh produce businesses struggling with rising labour, energy and raw material costs can learn from other sectors and embrace digitalisation to overcome strong headwinds. Jake Norman, a Director at OAL will share learnings from a transformational c£2m Carbon Trust project with M&S and Solina deploying state-of-the-art robotics and automation in the UK to reduce energy consumption by 80% with single-person operation. This will be combined with insights from successful automation deployments in fresh produce at Berry Gardens, Worldwide Fruit and Wealmoor. There will be a demonstration of the software and technologies that provide the foundations for success.
  2. NFU Fruit Forum
    Robots are harvesting fruit around the UK - what works, what doesn't and how is this technology changing and improving?
  3. NFU Fruit Forum
    Sustainability and energy cost savings are top priorities for fruit growers. This seminar will cover the latest updates on how companies are improving their greenhouse energy efficiency and combatting rising energy costs.
  4. NFU Fruit Forum
    On the back of unprecedented cost challenges, labour shortages, and a fall in UK production, what can be done to deliver the ambition for growth that is shared by both industry and government? The Farming Minister, Mark Spencer, will join to discuss the government’s role in driving growth, followed by the chair of the NFU Horticulture and Potatoes board, Martin Emmett, discussing NFU actions and priorities.  The session will also hear from John Shropshire, the chair of the Independent Labour Review, to update on the review’s findings and its implications for UK horticulture.
  5. NFU Fruit Forum
    Following the NFU’s calls, the government committed to running a supply chain review into horticulture which can inform future legislative intervention.  Here from Defra’s Andrew Powley, who led the reviews into dairy and pigs, on what a supply chain review entails and how growers can get involved, alongside NFU Horticulture & Potatoes Adviser, Christine McDowell describing NFU activity and priorities for supply chain fairness.  A video address from leading retail expert, Ged Futter from The Retail Mind will provide a view of current challenges that the industry is facing.
  6. NFU Fruit Forum
    Please join us in celebrating the Worshipful Company of Fruiterer Student Awards.
  7. NFU Fruit Forum

    The NIAB Research Update will include topics below:

    • Screening for resistance to spotted wing drosophila in strawberry and raspberry: Adam Whitehouse, Senior Plant Breeder, NIAB
    • New research into the biocontrol of strawberry diseases: Xiangming Xu, Director of Research, NIAB
    • The role of landscape complexity in agroecosystem sustainability: Sarah Arnold, Entomology Research Leader, NIAB
    • Novel approaches to apple canker management and control: Matevz Papp-Rupar, Plant Pathology Research Leader, NIAB
    • Development of pheromones for innovative management of forest bug, an emerging orchard pest in England: Francis Wamonje, Entomology Research Leader, NIAB
  8. NFU Fruit Forum
  9. NFU Fruit Forum
    This seminar will explaing how growers can ensure they are using responsibly sourced growing media as we move away from peat which is due to be banned in the commercial sector by 2026.
  10. NFU Fruit Forum
    This seminar will discuss how biological agents and pesticides can increase your productivity and yields.
  11. NFU Fruit Forum
    Tom will explore how the RootWave eWeeder uses patented high-frequency electricity to boil weeds from the root upwards, providing a more effective method of weed control than cutting, burning, or hoeing the weed above the surface. In fact, eWeeding is the only non-chemical solution to provide systemic control of weeds.
  12. NFU Fruit Forum
    Fruit Focus exhibitors and visitors are cordially invited to a special afternoon networking reception starting at 2pm featuring British wines, fruit & music.  Your registration will serve as your reception RSVP.
  13. NFU Fruit Forum
    This presentation will discuss control of Western Flower Thrips (WFT) utilising Orius Cold, a more tolerant strain of Orius laevigatus which has proven very successful in field scale trials up in Scotland on strawberry crops and is being more widely adopted in the UK in 2023. 
  14. NFU Fruit Forum
    This seminar will talk about some of the advances made in film coverings for British fruit production.
  15. NFU Fruit Forum

    Learn about newly launched soft fruit protection including; a novel ‘push-pull’ system for precision monitoring of the European tarnished plant bug, Lygus rugulipennis, and the common green capsid, Lygocoris pabulinus; a beneficial insect attractant which forms the basis of novel push pull strategies for controlling a range of pest species. Plus an effective adjuvant that can reduce insecticide use against spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii by 96% and reduce grower costs by an up to 50%.  

  16. NFU Fruit Forum
    Climate crisis and drought have a severe impact on global agriculture. Having an efficient irrigation system can help you in reducing your cost and the amount of used water, while ensuring the yield. Mark Herriman from Sencrop will present tips to get the best of your irrigation solution by keeping an eye on every element that has an impact on efficiency: Evapotranspiration, solar radiation and temperature.
  17. NFU Fruit Forum
    This session will cover a new nutrient analysis system, ‘Celine’. Celine is “a lab in the glasshouse” giving growers nutrient analysis results on drip & drain within 20 minutes as opposed to 7-10 days when sending samples to the lab. Celine allows growers far more accurate ‘feeding” of their crops which should improve yields and reduce waste.

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