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  • Controlling contamination minimises waste and maximises product quality

    Ozo Innovations (Ozo) announces the application of eloclear by fogging to improve packhouse hygiene.  Packhouse hygiene underpins the shelf life of fresh produce and reduces contamination risks that can impact food safety.  Fogging is a simple, fast and effective method of disinfection that uses small amounts of eloclear to sanitise very large spaces.

  • BASIS members attending Fruit Focus on 19 July are being given the opportunity to collect six BASIS CPD points at the event.

    Two of the six points on offer can be obtained by heading to the BASIS stand, number 164, and presenting a BASIS membership card to a member of the team. Those without a card can fill in a form with their details.

  • Delta-T Devices Ltd (Delta-T), a leading manufacturer of soil moisture sensors and data loggers, has partnered with Netafim UK Ltd - to provide a complete precision irrigation package (with cloud data management) for commercial growers in the UK.

    The package will be supplied by Netafim UK, the market leading provider of irrigation solutions in the country, through its main dealer network. It can automatically control irrigation and monitor growing conditions. It will include Delta-T's SM150T Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor alongside their advanced GP2 Data Logger and Controller. Data can be remotely monitored and shared on mobile or desktop devices via Delta T's free online DeltaLINK-Cloud service.  

  • UK based biotechnology company Bionema is officially launching its unique new UK nematode pest control product, which boasts 20% more efficiency and up to 95% kill rates, at this year's 'Fruit Focus' in Kent in July.

    The key message to leading commercial fruit growers at the showcase event is that natural pest control makes even more sense now, as traditional pesticides are losing their efficiency - and many are being delisted.

  • Navigating the challenges posed by Brexit is something all producers are attempting to do, but it is easier said than done.

    Whether farmers are producing soft fruits, growing apples, or cultivating vineyards, there are numerous questions facing each sector as a result of Brexit. “Tackling these subjects can be quite a challenge, as most people are unsure where to start,” says Jon Day, Fruit Focus event director. “However, the forums at Fruit Focus, sponsored by the NFU, will give visitors both a concrete starting point and a valuable insight into where to go next.”

  • The WET Sensor from Delta-T Devices enables growers to measure three vital substrate properties: water content, pore water electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature.

    Fast, accurate and easy to use, the WET Sensor is used by growers to take hundreds of substrate readings each day to guide fertigation decisions, helping to establish and maintain optimal growing conditions.

  • With the widespread availability of new coir chip processing machinery in Sri Lanka, Cocogreen is extending field trials of its new Strawberry Moisture Control O2 Mix inviting growers at Fruit Focus to get involved.

  • Getting the best out of any crop requires care and attention from growers, but having the newest and best agronomic products can help tremendously.

    All producers want to achieve a top quality product with a great yield, without damaging the environment or undercutting their gross margins. Fortunately, Fruit Focus has some of the newest and most innovative products on the market, from preventing pests and disease, to giving plants the perfect balance of nutrients for optimal growth.

  • Western flower thrips (WFT) can cause major damage to strawberry crops, but AHDB have been researching new ways to tackle the pest.

  • Botanicoir is launching a ground-breaking new product, that’s set to be a game-changer in the soft-fruit industry, at Fruit Focus.

    Taking the use of coir substrates to the next level, its capable of rapid hydration, has optimum air-filled porosity, a superior structure, and offers excellent drainage capacity and ease of steering.

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